Best Sites To Sell Textbooks

Ah textbooks.  What a pain.  They cost so much money and then you take them back to the same place you bought them to sell them back only to find they are offering you 1/10th of what you paid for it.  Sound familiar, well it happens all to often around the country and I am here to help you get the most for your textbook.

What Are The Best Sites To Sell Textbooks?
There are a few that I have used.  It all depends on if you want money now or can wait.  Personally I like to wait and make the most money possible.  Sites you can list your book for sale on are Amazon, eBay, Half.com, and Barnes and Noble.  These four sites are plenty to get you started.  Just remember if you list your book on more than one site you must take it down off of all the other sites after it sells.

What Sites Can You Sell Them Back Right Away?

Don't feel like waiting or need money right now.  You are in luck, there are plenty of sites that will offer you money right now.  Though it will be slightly lower than if you sold the book yourself its money in your pocket.  Those sites are Amazon and ecampus which gives you a gift card and textbooksrus, book byte, valore books, and abe books which will give you cash.

If you choose to go this route use  the free buy back search at bookfinder.com.  This tool will tell you which site has the highest offer and how much that offer is.  Try it out.

If you want some extra cash try selling books online as a business.  You can learn simple steps on how to set this up now by buying my book How To Start An Online Bookstore.  This book is available on my website or on Amazon.


Cell Phone Book Price Lookup Apps

I have a funny story.  The other day a lady came up to me at the library and asked me if I am using a cell phone app to look up books.  I said no I have a PDA and use the libraries network to connect to the internet.  However, I just wanted to let everyone know that there are apps for smart phone users that allow you to scan books.

Scoutpal.com has the simplest and most user friendly scanning service.  I do not personally use scanners but I do know a lot of people who do.  They save time but I am all about the money.  For me I want as much money as I can get.

Scanning services such as scoutpal are not very expensive only $8 a month or so.  It is something to consider as your business grows.  If you are new I would just go with the manual way. 


What Are The Best Sites To Sell Books Online?

The best sites to sell books online are Amazon.com, Half.com, and Barnes and Noble or BN.com.  Between these three sites I have made lots of money selling books online.


Amazon.com is by far the best site to sell books online.  You sign up with amazon as a third party seller. Amazon is known for books and is still the largest book seller worldwide.  Having that kind of reputation is great for you.  Get on there and get listing your books.


Half.com is another well known company online.  They are owned and operated by your friends over at eBay.  Their platform is a little more difficult to use and books do not sell quite as fast there but it is a good option if you want multiple sites to sell on.

Barnes and Noble

bn.com is new to the game as far as third party sellers goes.  You can sign up for a free account with them.  They are by far the lowest seller for me.  Again a free place to list your books for sale if you are looking for some options.

Amazon is my favorite and the one I work with almost exclusively.  Amazon has higher selling prices and sells faster than any other online bookstore.  Check out my book How To Start An Online Bookstore for more information on this topic and learn how to make some good money as an online book seller.


How Do You Sell Used Books On Amazon

Amazon is a great company and one of the largest online bookstores in the world. A lot of people ask How do you sell used books on Amazon?  It is simple.  Amazon has numerous ways for people to make money with them.  The way I am going to talk about is being a third party seller on Amazon.

Basically as a third party seller, Amazon allows you to use there site to list books for sale.  In turn they take a small percentage of your profit for using their site.  I have written an entire book on this process if you are interested.  In this book I walk you through all the necessary steps to find books to sell and how to list them for sale.

My book is called How To Start An Online Bookstore.  At the time of this post the book is only available for digital download on Amazon, right on this site, and through my own site how to start an online bookstore.  I do have plans to take this to a paperback book as well.  Please check it out.