What Are The Best Sites To Sell Books Online?

The best sites to sell books online are Amazon.com, Half.com, and Barnes and Noble or BN.com.  Between these three sites I have made lots of money selling books online.


Amazon.com is by far the best site to sell books online.  You sign up with amazon as a third party seller. Amazon is known for books and is still the largest book seller worldwide.  Having that kind of reputation is great for you.  Get on there and get listing your books.


Half.com is another well known company online.  They are owned and operated by your friends over at eBay.  Their platform is a little more difficult to use and books do not sell quite as fast there but it is a good option if you want multiple sites to sell on.

Barnes and Noble

bn.com is new to the game as far as third party sellers goes.  You can sign up for a free account with them.  They are by far the lowest seller for me.  Again a free place to list your books for sale if you are looking for some options.

Amazon is my favorite and the one I work with almost exclusively.  Amazon has higher selling prices and sells faster than any other online bookstore.  Check out my book How To Start An Online Bookstore for more information on this topic and learn how to make some good money as an online book seller.