Sample Chapter

Chapter 1

 Why sell books online

Let me begin by saying, this is not a “get rich quick” scheme.  Book selling is very easy to do but it will take some time to start.  Do not let this discourage you.  In my first month of selling books online I tripled my investment.  I will be laying out a great system; if you follow it, you will make money.  This system, or style of book selling, is easy to start and easy to stick with.  With as little as 30 minutes a week, you can start making some extra cash just like I did.  So let’s discuss some reasons why to get into book selling.

Online Book Sales Are Passing Up In-Store Book Sales
In today’s world everyone shops online.  Online book sales have actually surpassed book store sales.  Why?  There are larger selections of books at cheaper prices.  It's easier and saves time. 

Book Selling Online is Easy
Selling books online is as simple as entering a number or a title, clicking a button, setting a price, and submitting.  I will be showing you exactly how to do all of this and more. 

Book Selling Is Exciting
Imagine listing some books and waking up every day and having more orders to ship. Nothing is more exciting than accomplishing something you started for yourself.  For me, it happened right away, and then I was hooked.  Now I have more than 100 books in my inventory, and it is still growing.  Getting a steady supply of in-demand books is the key for your business to grow.  I will go over every place you can look for books.

Good Turnover
Books that you select when following my advice will generally sell fast.  For every batch of books I buy, I usually sell most, if not all, of them within four months of a book being listed.  Books can be purchased cheaply from numerous different sources and sold for some pretty nice profits.

Easy To Ship
After your orders are rolling in, you will need to ship them.  Books generally weigh less than 3 pounds, so shipping is low cost and easy to perform.   

You can do this full-time or sell books online part-time as a second income like I do.

Low Risk
If you follow my suggestions, book selling should be almost zero risk. You may buy some books that end up dropping below a reasonable selling price, but it's not that big of a deal as long as you follow my suggestions. 

Low Start-Up Costs
For about $10, you can start today.  When I started, I had nothing.  Just $20 and a mindset that I wanted to make some extra money.  Anyone can do this.  You do not need special skills, a degree, or a lot of time.  All you need to do is follow my advice and you will be on your way.