How Do You Sell Used Books On Amazon

Amazon is a great company and one of the largest online bookstores in the world. A lot of people ask How do you sell used books on Amazon?  It is simple.  Amazon has numerous ways for people to make money with them.  The way I am going to talk about is being a third party seller on Amazon.

Basically as a third party seller, Amazon allows you to use there site to list books for sale.  In turn they take a small percentage of your profit for using their site.  I have written an entire book on this process if you are interested.  In this book I walk you through all the necessary steps to find books to sell and how to list them for sale.

My book is called How To Start An Online Bookstore.  At the time of this post the book is only available for digital download on Amazon, right on this site, and through my own site how to start an online bookstore.  I do have plans to take this to a paperback book as well.  Please check it out.