Best Sites To Sell Textbooks

Ah textbooks.  What a pain.  They cost so much money and then you take them back to the same place you bought them to sell them back only to find they are offering you 1/10th of what you paid for it.  Sound familiar, well it happens all to often around the country and I am here to help you get the most for your textbook.

What Are The Best Sites To Sell Textbooks?
There are a few that I have used.  It all depends on if you want money now or can wait.  Personally I like to wait and make the most money possible.  Sites you can list your book for sale on are Amazon, eBay, Half.com, and Barnes and Noble.  These four sites are plenty to get you started.  Just remember if you list your book on more than one site you must take it down off of all the other sites after it sells.

What Sites Can You Sell Them Back Right Away?

Don't feel like waiting or need money right now.  You are in luck, there are plenty of sites that will offer you money right now.  Though it will be slightly lower than if you sold the book yourself its money in your pocket.  Those sites are Amazon and ecampus which gives you a gift card and textbooksrus, book byte, valore books, and abe books which will give you cash.

If you choose to go this route use  the free buy back search at bookfinder.com.  This tool will tell you which site has the highest offer and how much that offer is.  Try it out.

If you want some extra cash try selling books online as a business.  You can learn simple steps on how to set this up now by buying my book How To Start An Online Bookstore.  This book is available on my website or on Amazon.